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We have been providing program and internet services for over 15 years. Our solutions have been provided on desktop PC, handheld PC, large remote servers, and mid-range AS/400 computers. Some of the programming languages we have written solutions in are COBOL, PL/1, RPG II, III, and IV with ILE, CL, 400 SQL Procedures, Visual RPG, C, C++, VB, VB.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, DOS Scripting, VB Script, Javascript, ASP, and PHP among others.

Whatever your programming needs are, give us a call or send us a contact email. We will be glad to give some free advice to help you make a more informed decision.

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KmartDairy Queen and Orange Julius
Sep 2014
Home Depot
Aug 2014
JP Morgan Chase
May 2014
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Google, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and others
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