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How do you protect the many passwords you obtain almost every day? Do you use the same username or password across multiple websites? Do you simply send yourself an email with the login information in it? What happens when your email provider gets hacked through no fault of your own? Is the intruder going to read your bank account information and immediately use it? Perhaps the next time you log in at your bank, you find a balance of zero?
We have an encrypted cloud based solution for you that has always worked.

Your own Data Cloud

We provide you with your own encrypted database sitting behind a server firewall in your own data cloud accessible by only you via an https secure server. On top of that our encryption uses a host key plus a second key that you provide. You not only have online access but a program option allows you to print your list either securely or straight for putting in your wallet or purse. That solution is only 15 cents per day ! Combined with that you get our special password generation tools and custom hints and up to date encryption and password news. Level two sevice provides more space in the cloud for other files. Level three provides a custom database tool and others to further make your life more secure. We also do search engine optimization and database development, either custom changes or complete design from scratch. Don't be the victim of an online provider's next high profile security breach! Protect yourself for only a few dollars a month. Start today

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