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If you have a programming problem that keeps coming back or just need new development. Give us a call. We would be glad to provide a free estimate that will give you more information to make help you make a better decision to proceed with a solution that Works.

We have written solutions in a variety of computer languages including COBOL, PL/1, RPG II, III, and IV with ILE, CL, 400 SQL Procedures, Visual RPG, 6502 Assembly, C, C++, VB, VB.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, DOS Scripting, VB Script, Javascript, ASP, PHP, MYSQL, and Swift programming languages.  

Whether you need a database or shopping cart connected to your website, or a business application problem solved on your handheld, PC, or mid-range computer or custom or global scanning implemented on your scanner or iphone we can help. Let our experience save you money by getting the job done faster and provide you with more choices to make a better more informed decision. Let's start with a free estimate today.

Our Strong Suit

Is problem solving.

If you have a software problem
that won't go away, send us a
question about it.

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